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Theraworx® Protect is manufactured in the USA at an FDA-registered facility.

Hand Washing
And Hand
Alone Don't Cut it.

Address the main pathways for illness
- the eyes, nose & mouth
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Theraworx Protect 8oz Foam
  • Supports the skin's defensive functions for UP TO 6 HOURS
  • Low pH formula to help support the skin's natural antimicrobial barrier
  • Alcohol-free to keep skin from drying out
  • Can be used under a facemask for additional protection

Theraworx® Protect

clinically proven, hospital-adopted hygiene
solution for the hands and face

Theraworx® Protect supports the skin's defensive functions for UP TO 6 HOURS. This power-packed formula is safe, good for your skin and won't dry it out.

  • Alcohol-Free Hygiene Solution
  • Made for the HANDS and FACE
  • Safe for use around the eyes, nose and mouth
  • Supports the skin's natural barrier and
    defensive functions
  • Won't dry out skin

Theraworx® Protect

has over 10 years of clinical data from top
universities & teaching hospitals
Lab Technician Lab Technician

This NO-RINSE hygiene solution
is perfect to use on-the-go

Theraworx® Protect is
to care for even their sickest patients

Did you know?

  • We touch our faces an average of
    23 times an hour.
  • The eyes, nose, and mouth can be entryways
    for viruses
    including the cold & flu.
  • The CDC recommends frequent
    facial cleansing to help prevent the
    transmission of disease.

Theraworx® Protect

was used on over
4 million patients in 2019

  • 200+ Acute Care Hospitals 200+ Acute
    Care Hospitals
  • 750+ Nursing Homes 750+ Nursing
  • US Military US Military
  • Government Government
  • Schools Schools
  • Business Businesses

Science Based Hygiene

  • Theraworx Protect supports
    the skin's natural barrier and
    defensive functions
    up to 6 hours
  • Our patented,
    low-pH formula contains a
    blend of ingredients that work
    together to support the skin’s
    natural antimicrobial barrier

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